A Tale of Two Cities - April 2013

Written by Charles Dickens - Directed by Nigel Howells

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Role   Played by
                      Role   Played by
King of England   Rob Lord   Mr Stryver   Roger Heath
King of France   Roy Winbow   Mr Barsad   Jef Pirie
Queen of England   Jill Pettigrew   Dr Manette   Tony Pinches
Queen of France   Sara Marshall   Charles Darnay   Jack Wills
Jerry Cruncher   John Hall   Sidney Carton   Jon Witchell
Jarvis Lorry   Alan Tanner   Miss Pross   Camille Herbert
Lucie Manette   Becca Lamburn   Marquis St Evremonde   Laurence Frewin
Ernest Defarge   Paul Hedge   Vengeance   Julia Bale
Madame Defarge   Adele Reynolds   Gaspard   Peter Adams
Jacques One   John Miles   Citizens of England   Alex Garside, Janet Downer
Jacques Two   Reg Bale   and France   Glynis Tame, Helen Gould
Jacques Three   Alec Stokes       Sherry Burcher, Jim Duncan
          Jean Tolchard