The Wind in the Willows - December 2012

Written by Kenneth Grahame, adapted by Alan Bannett - Directed by Carolyn Bavister

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Role Played by
Toad Martin Harris
Rat Jef Pirie
Mole Helen Gould
Badger Paul ffitch
Chief Weasel, Otter, Salesman, Train Driver Jon Manley
Norman Weasel Peter Hubble
Gaoler's Daughter Jessica Thacker
Magistrate, Stoat Gerald Alec Stokes
Albert, a horse Sarah Davies
Fox, Sergeant Fred Peter Adams
Motorist Rupert, Policeman Roger Heath
Motorist Monica, Gypsy Sherry Burcher
Clerk Sheila Gilbert
Washerwoman Jill Pettigrew
Bargewoman Lisa Fletcher
Portly Robyn Harvey
Rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, mice Glynis Tame, Jemma Carlin-Wells,
  Robyn Harvey, Paulette Perrin,
  Fiona Humphrey, Jill Pettigrew,
  Roger Heath, Alec Stokes, Jessica Thacker
Weasels & stoats Lisa Fletcher, Sheila Gilbert,
  Jemma Carlin-Wells, Sherry Burcher