Alice - February 2014 (Tadpoles production)

Written by Laura Wade - Directed by Maggie Campbell & Dianne ffitch

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Role Played by
Role Played by
Alice Daisy Eeles Cook/Catering Woman Phoebe Pennington
King/Dad Jonathan Hurd Dormouse/Teacher Laura-Jo Williams
Queen of Hearts/Mum   Laurie Moncrieff Grandad/Hedgehog Roger/Chef   Nathaniel Lord-Dodson
Duchess/Aunty Daniella Jordan Jen Sarah Finlayson-March
White Rabbit James Bellingham     Uncle/Croquet Official Callum Brennan-Osment
Mad Hatter Peter Hubble Postie Eleanor Mortimore
March Hare Coral-Leigh Pace Croquet Commentators: Isobel Morris
Caterpillar Dawn Weston   Phoebe Woods
Mock Turtle Chloe Hann Court Officials: Megan Selly
Gryphon Abigail Hicks   Georgia Perriton
Cheshire Cat Robyn Harvey Court Official/Border Official Joshua Walker
Tweedledum Joe Kime Royal Hedgehog/Girl with rose Alexia Hockett
Tweedledee Ed Twohig Alice's Hedgehog Alex Wright
Humpty Dumpty Coral Sicobo Wonderbander Charlotte Amos
Knave Audie Bridge ALL other roles Cast members