The Crucible - February 2015

Written by Arthur Miller - Directed by Jill Pettigrew

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Role Played by Role Played by
Reverend Parris Laurence Frewin Giles Corey David Gent
Betty Parris Annie Hartt Martha Corey Gil Poore
Abigail Williams Carrie McCrae Judge Hathorne Jon Bond
Tituba Glenys Oates Willard Miles Opie
Ann Putnam Susie Powell Ezekial Cheever Matt Brown
Thomas Putman Andrew Pryce Deputy Governor Danforth   Jon Manley
Mary Warren Jemma Carlin-Wells      Sarah Good Jean Tolchard
Mercy Lewis Chloe Hann Hopkins John Franklin
John Proctor Bevis Taylor Guards/Townspeople Jim Duncan
Elizabeth Proctor   Rebekah Hayden   Dave Fagan
Reverend Hale Matt Waring   John Franklin
Rebecca Nurse Julia Bale   Gil Poore
Francis Nurse Alec Stokes   Sherry Burcher
Susanna Walcott Sabrina Fletcher