The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - December 2015

Written by C S Lewis, adapted by Glyn Robbins - Directed by Maggie Campbell

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Role Played by Role Played by
Professor/Aslan Kevin Booker Leopard Maisie Meehan
Mrs Macready/Witch   Rebekah Hayden Susan (shared)   Sabrina Fletcher
Mr Tumnus Paul Lewis   Megan Selley
Maugrim David Warren Lucy (shared) Matilda Nicholls
Dwarf Helen Gould   Rosanna Castillo-Palmer
Mr Beaver Chris Mitchell Ensemble Jim Duncan
Mrs Beaver Gill Poore   Fave Fagan
Father Christmas Alan Tanner   Glynis Tame
Peter Callum Brennan-Osment   John Franklin
Edmund Ed Twohig