The Wolves of Willoughby Chase - February 2020

By Joan Aiken, adapted by Russ Tunney - Directed by Becky Dobson

Role Played by Role Played by
Bonnie Isabella Kay & Heba Yonis Chorus Flora Brown
Sylvia Jessica Powell & Tia Davies   David Cooper
Ms Slighcarp Tom Drake   Tia Davies
Mr Grimshaw Jasper Wright   Xena Davies
James Lewis Shout   Amy Green
Simon Silbury Peakman   Heba Yonis
Mrs Brisket Lucy Robinson   Max Renton
Sir Willoughby David Cooper/Amy Green   Lucy Robinson
Train Guard Xena Davies   Avalon Vowles
Doctor Morne Xena Davies   Silbury Peakman
Emma Avalon Vowles   Lewis Shout
School Inspector Xena Davies   Isabella Kay
Mrs Wilderness Flora Brown   Jasper Wright
Doctor Field Max Renton   Jessica Powell
Chorus Leaders Matilda Nicholls & Avalon Vowles   Matilda Nicholls