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On this page TOADS Theatre Co publicises any future auditions for its season productions. Please read and respond, if interested, to the relevant personnel as indicated in each production's audtion notes. If you are unfamiliar with the layout of the Little Theatre, simply turn up at the stage door and ask for directions to the relevant room.




Taking Steps
by Alan Ayckbourn, Directed by Paul Lewis
Playing dates: 8th to 13th July

Auditions: Wednesday 27th March @ 7pm
Elizabeth (wife)
Roland (her husband)
Mark (her brother)
Kitty (Mark's fiancee)
Tristram (solicitor)
Leslie (builder)
Roland, a hard drinking tycoon, is considering buying an old Victorian house, once a brothel. His solicitor and the vendor, a builder, arrive to complete the deal. Also in the house are his wife, a frustrated dancer who is always considering leaving him, her brother and later the brother's fiancee, who is uncertain whether or not to run away. In the course of one hectic night and morning, with continual running up and downstairs and in and out of rooms, these characters, each immersed in a personal problem, try to sort themselves out. The first act curtain finds the solicitor in bed with the wife thinking her to be a ghost and the fiancee inadvertently shut in the attic cupboard by the distraught tycoon who has taken refuge there in the spare bed. All this takes place in a highly ingenious and original setting in which all the rooms, passages and stairs are on a single level.
I will be auditioning in pairs and also as a group - please allow time and not rush off. (Paul Lewis, Director)

Scripts are available from Box Office
If you are interested but cannot attend the audition, please contact Paul Lewis (Director)


(further details are published in the Croak newsletter)

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